Up for Air

Parenting is challenging. You’re either hopping around like a crazy frog having exhausting fun, or strengthening your shell as tough discipline is necessary. Either way, you occasionally need to breathe and find a moment of peace, right?

Here is ‘ Up for Air ‘

11X14 watercolor.

Prints will be available on my etsy page, and the original is still up for grabs. Find me on Facebook and inquire if interested.

Watercolors of Ireland

A few years back, I and my wife went back to Ireland. While I had lived there for a few years back in the oughts, I hadn’t really done any sort of tourist thing. We had a blast. I took a ton of photos with the intention of making some work out of them.

Here’s my go at capturing some of the beauty and charm of my favorite place in the earth.

Butterscotch Spigot Bunbun Nickerson

My little girl is precious. Fawning over rabbits at the County Fair- telling us how much she wanted one of her very own, made my wife and I entertain the idea. We have an old coop that could be turned into a hutch easily. We have plenty of space, so why not?

We decided against it, as our money is tighter this year. Quinn, after all, already has everything a child could want. And we wouldn’t want her to think the world REVOLVED around her, right?

It turns out, it was well out of our hands. Last week, while tending the garden, my wife left the gate to the front yard open while she was watering flowers. Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement behind our beauty berry bush. I could tell what it was, but I really couldn’t believe it. I mused, “Better get the dog inside, babe- looks like the Easter Bunnie is here for a visit!” Quinn lit up. There he was, but he wasn’t OURS. We easily caught the plainly tame rabbit, and gathered him into a laundry basket. Then we went to every door in the neighborhood. We asked the local kids. We put notices on the public forums. Nobody, it seems, lost a rabbit. After many days, we took down the notices and decided he would be ours, or more accurately, HERS. The world really does revolve around her.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls! I introduce to you Butterscotch Spigot Bunbun Nickerson. Quinn told us today that they are married now….


Sketches in Sanguine

Working my shift at the TRAG Gallery gives me some much needed time to sketch. Here’s a few from those recent shifts.

The first is a sketch of one of the new lambs that live just a block away. They’re older now, but still every bit as cute as they were when they were born this past springtime.


the second drawing comes from our visit to the Clackamas County Fair. I love to take quick photos of the animals so that I can sketch them later. This guy has so much character. He’s like a goat from a children’s fairy tale.



Duke and Riley with Process

Dukeand Riley 1114400b2

I really should be more mysterious about how I work, but I know how hard it can be to find any sort of process work involving layers. So, I hope it helps!

A few New Paintings…

Late for Dinner, oil/gold leaf on board.  Golden Girl, oil/gold leaf on board.
These Paintings will be on display at some point this year. If you are interested in purchasing either, please contact me using the links at the head of my blog. Thank you!