Silver Point exploring

Silver point isn’t for everyone. If you’re a draftsperson who tends to erase a lot and make drastic changes while working, it may prove unforgiving. I, personally, love the challenge. It forces you to find your ‘zone’when working. Planning each step and making careful, steady marks- not for the faint of heart! The tones build up gradually, so working lightly at first helps mitigate your mistakes.

I was able to make my own metal point grounds at first, using zinc white gouache mixed with titanium white powder and gum arabic. The results worked, but the final result was a powdery surface. I mixed gouache colors to tone the surface resulting in an interesting pink tone. I was able to get highlights in areas using a fine grit sandpaper.

The Golden brand medium I purchased worked very well. I used it as the bright white, later adding watercolor to tone it to a sepia. I also purchased a proper 2mm silver point to use with my clutch pencil. It worked beautifully- much better than the earring peg I had mounted in a makeshift bamboo holder. Here are the results.

Published by Lucas Nickerson

Lucas Nickerson is a world recognized Portland-based fine artist. He specializes in whimsical work featuring animals, puns, and portraiture.

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